Hcman  EH722 Bass Stereo Gaming Headset
Hcman  EH722 Bass Stereo Gaming Headset
Hcman  EH722 Bass Stereo Gaming Headset
Hcman  EH722 Bass Stereo Gaming Headset
Hcman  EH722 Bass Stereo Gaming Headset

Hcman EH722 Bass Stereo Gaming Headset

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  • Diamond faceted ear shell design

The appearance of the earphones draws on the elements of the diamond cut surface. The curvature of each cut surface is adjusted many times. It has 6 different cut planes, combined with colorful breathing lights to make the light form a diamond effect.

  • Big and light, comfortable to wear

At the beginning of the design, we grasped the weight of the whole earphone, the large ear shell design with a diameter of 100mm, and controlled the whole weight of the earphone within 280g. For a head-mounted luminous earphone, lightweight wearing is a very comfortable experience. .

  • High fidelity 50mm speaker unit

The output is stable, the sound quality is clear and thorough, and the high-sounding unit of the fever level is matched with the independent sound chamber design, so that the sound quality can restore the details, reduce the sound distortion, and make the sound positioning more precise and clear.

  • Skin-friendly protein earmuffs

The inner diameter of the earmuff of 64.5mm and the ear bag of 31.5mm thick can effectively cover the human ear to ensure no leakage; the use of inert memory cotton can quickly restore the original shape after wearing, greatly improving the human-machine relationship with the earphone. Very light and wearable.

  • Stainless steel SUS301 head beam

Not only is it tougher, but it also reduces the weight of the entire headset by 20% and adapts to a variety of environments. After a series of rigorous experiments and tests, the head beam is guaranteed to have excellent sweat and corrosion resistance.

  • High sensitivity microphone

The hose microphone can be adjusted at any angle, which not only allows the user to easily and freely talk when wearing, even in the fierce game, can call and interact with the teammates in real time.



Driver diameter: 50 mm

Sensitivity: 116 ± 3dB

Impedance: 24Ω ± 15%

MIC sensitivity: 116dB/ ± 3dB

Connector: USB

Color: Black

Item weight: 0.6 IB / 280 g

Package Content:

1 x gaming headset.

1 x User Manual

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