Hcman  Xbox One Stereo Gaming headset
Hcman  Xbox One Stereo Gaming headset
Hcman  Xbox One Stereo Gaming headset
Hcman  Xbox One Stereo Gaming headset
Hcman  Xbox One Stereo Gaming headset

Hcman Xbox One Stereo Gaming headset

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  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound

Through the software, you can customize the settings of the headset, create your own personal calibration, create a surround sound experience, and increase the environmental sound effects, whether it is games or audio and video to meet your needs.

  • Ergonomic design, Comfortable to wear
The one-piece aluminum frame is not only light but also durable. The earmuffs can be fine-tuned up and down, and can ensure the long-term wearing comfort of different head players. The all-in-ear earmuffs are designed for excellent sound insulation.

  • Equipped with Magic Box Multi-Function Audio Controller
With a full range of audio control capabilities. One-click switching sound effects bring different surround sound experiences, which can provide a more stereoscopic sound effect, and accurately lock the opponent's position in the game.

  • 4 sound modes (four small icons must be combined with corresponding obvious pictures)
a. Music mode - high school low frequency is moderate, clear and soft, retaining the original taste of music, reveling in the romance of music.
b. AV mode - enhance the low frequency and high frequency, enhance the sense of presence and space of the audio and video scene, savor, you can also enter the role of the film.
c. Voice mode - filter part of the high and low frequency, reduce the background music interference of the game, highlight the intermediate frequency, enhance the clarity of the voice, and communicate clearly with the teammates in the game.
d. Game mode - enhance the sound of the game scene, bass enhancement, gun sound more shocking, enhance the high frequency, highlight the footsteps and action details of the game, the sound position is clearer and more accurate positioning.



Model: DAREU EH925
Driver diameter: 53mm

Sensitivity: 116±3dB

Impedance: 24Ω ± 15%

MIC sensitivity: 116dB/ ± 3dB 

Dynamic impedance: 64Ω ± 15%

Frequency response: 20~20KHZ

Connector: USB

Color: Black

Item weight: 0.6 IB / 280 g

Package Content:

1 x gaming headset.

1 x User Manual
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